Road to Sweetness


Road to Sweetness 3

When we think of desserts, chocolate is a favourite ingredient.  If chocolate is blended with your choice of fruits and are beautifully plated, then it becomes completely irresistible.

Celebrity Chef Anna Chiarini has shared a great recipe with chocolate & fruits. Absolutely stunning dessert recipe, where you dip your favourite fruits in chocolate with a tinge of orange flavour, the result is simply awesome, so try this and enjoy!

Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe –

Prep Time           Cook Time              Total Time          Yields

15 mins               20 minutes              35 mins                4


*For this preparation you can use different fruits that pair well with dark chocolate, like figs, apples, pears, strawberries, banana, mango, pineapple, fresh coconut chunks and many more.

For my preparation I used:

Figs – 4

Raspberries – 12

Mango – 1

Kumquats (to garnish) – 4 (it is a small citrus fruit similar to oranges)

Dark chocolate – 150 g = 5.2 oz. (best & most natural that you can find locally, divide it into two groups) or Cocoa beans – 70 g = 2,5 oz. (for a more grainy natural preparation, divide it into two groups)

Orange juice – 20 ml. = 4 teaspoons (squeezed directly from fresh oranges)

Espresso coffee
- 20 ml. = 4 teaspoons

Edible flowers to garnish (if available)

Road to Sweetness 2



  • Wash and cut the fruits to your liking. *If you’re using Kumquat remember that it is a very aromatic citrus fruit with intense essential oils in the zest. I recommend you to remove the seeds.
  • If you are using the dark chocolate, you can easily make a ganache using a Bain Marie or (double boiler) or a pot with steaming water and a metal bowl. Place the chocolate in the metal bowl, put it over the pot with steaming water and let it melt. You can easily flavor your ganache with orange juice or Espresso coffee. Remember to whisk thoroughly to allow emulsification and and homogeneous texture.
  • Deep your fruits delicately in the ganache one by one and let it harden before serving (I recommend you to deep only half of the fruit or piece to keep it nicely balanced).
  • If you want to go even more naturally, grind the cocoa beans in a blender (you can use a coffee grinder too). Then heat the cocoa powder in a small amount of water until in boils, stirring it with a ball whisk. Add the orange juice or Espresso coffee to flavor. You can add honey, to give it a sweeter and natural twist. Once the emulsion has reached a creamy texture, let it cool off a little. Spread it on a plate and arrange the fruits on top of it. If you aimed for a more liquid result, just pour it over the fruits.

Note: A great dessert recipe from Celebrity Chef Anna Chiarini, you can enjoy this sweet dish by following the simple steps. Bon Apatite!

Happy Cooking!!

Recipe & Picture courtesy: Celebrity Chef Anna Chiarini

Chef. Anna (69)

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