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Tablescape Artistry: How to Get That Minimalist Modern Table Setting With Boring Crockery?


A modern table setting deals more into the elements of design and your ability to work with minimum number of objects. Unlike traditional table settings which possess heaps of varying items which usually become a mammoth task to arrange. Although, don’t let the idea of “Minimalist Modern” fool you into thinking it’s easy! Minimalistic designs are the hardest to nail!

Less is definitely more, and to bring the design you have in mind to your table, you need to choose each piece very carefully, thinking ahead where you can re-use them without repeating the same design scheme over and over again! So invest in exciting pieces that you personally love! Every piece of the table setting needs to stand out making an individual impact of it’s own.

The basic elements of a table setting include: Table Linens (Cloths, Napkins, Placemats), Crockery (China, Silverware & Glasses), Centrepieces (Flowers, Candle Sticks, Vases), Decorative Items and Candles.

  • Linens – 

Linens play an important role in making the colour pop. Get adventurous with the cloths and napkins! Adding exciting textiles and textures really add an ingredient of bold design to your modern table setting.

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  • Crockery & Decorative Items – 

A huge challenge in setting up a modern table setting is the crockery as most decorative items are eliminated in the table arrangement hence, the main focus is the china. Not only is it expensive but using a different set each time is definitely a hassle. Although, plain white china is the best way to go as it has plenty of potential for experimentation specifically with small decorative items.

Placing a small personalised item can bring out the plates very well or try tying up the cutlery with a jute string for a rustic look. You could use the jute string to tie up the linens as well.

Before splurging on place settings, look online and in shops for more natural and earthy sets of antique china and silver flatware. They’ll feel more special to guests than the new ones!


  • Centrepieces – 

For a centrepiece, instead of using flowers, experiment with bamboo plants or succulents. They compliment the entire feel of the setting more as compared to flowers in vases.

The succulents will also double as a conversation starter and since they are low in elevation, your guests can talk to each other more freely. Anything tall has to be thin so that the view isn’t blocked.


  • Candles & Accessories –

Now that you’re ready to glam things up, remember that you need to keep it minimal. Usually making use of less but textured items look spectacular. Keep in mind that each piece needs to contribute to the scheme of the design.

You can use teacup lights for an illuminated-yet-dim ordeal, perfect for romantic dinners!

Table settings aren’t limited to a dining table. You can also set a kitchen counter or coffee table. Do not be hesitant to purchase low-priced items and have fun mixing and matching new designs! Be bold and express yourself, and you can’t go wrong!

Post By: Sakshi Deswal / Appy Bistro

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