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#AppyRecommends: Whispering Café & Store, Ucassaim, Goa

Whispering Cafe & Store

While Goa is full of amazing places to eat, the sea of cafés could be hard to navigate. As we explored Goa, we were mesmerised by the charming landscapes and architecture it has to offer – though, towards the evening we wanted to be someplace quiet and catch up with our friends. The owners of the homestay I was staying at threw a ton of restaurant suggestions at me which I shouldn’t miss during my trip – Whispering Café being one of them.

Whispering Cafe & Store

Nestled in a quiet, solitary location, Whispering Café is a private paradise to relax and enjoy delectable food. It’s an elegantly decorated, open-air café. The soothing yellow paint of the villa would help you soak in the ambience better.

Whispering Cafe & Store

Whispering Cafe & Store

Meet Joey, the official mascot for Whispering Café and Store!

Whispering Cafe & Store

While I went through the menu, I realised that I wanted something more than just coffee or a milkshake, I wanted dessert! Few must have desserts I identified were the Cherry Sorbet and Banana Walnut Cake with a Caramel Drizzle on top.



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If you’re watching your calorie intake and still want to opt for something yummy, I’d recommend the WCS Signature Banana Milkshake which is gluten free and has healthy ingredients like sunflower seeds, soy milk and dates!

Whispering Cafe & Store

Other than just eating, you could check out their in-house store which offers gorgeous choices in clothing, jewellery and accessories. Don’t miss out on the quirky lifestyle merchandise from NonsenseCurry! I would recommend their comically amusing Throw Pillows and the Cowbell Choker!

I thought highly of most of the dishes we tried at Whispering Café. There were some outstanding cooking skills on display and we couldn’t have been more thrilled with how reasonable the prices were, especially given the standard of the food. The restaurant was soberly furnished and cozy, and with the good food and pleasant service, Whispering Café made for unbeatable value for both breakfast and coffee evenings.

Whispering Café & Store –

Address: House No. 20, Lourdes Waddo,

Ucassaim,(Near Ucassaim Church), Bardez, Goa

Phone: +91 832 226 1524


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Photography Courtesy: Rahul Lal Photography for Appy Bistro

Post By: Sakshi Deswal / Appy Bistro

Whispering Cafe & Store

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