About Appy Bistro

Welcome to Appy Bistro®, a food and travel blog for inspiring spirited culinary vacations! We are featuring our love for travel & outdoors, food, history and culture. We hope to motivate everyone through photography and storytelling!

Our goal is to help you plan your next vacation and tempt your tastebuds with a few spectacular recipes! Appy Bistro is a guide to food and drinks around the globe as well as a cheatsheet to your next travel destination. Whether it be eating street food or be it a Michelin star delicacy, we will find it, photograph it and gobble it up.

Based in New Delhi, India, Appy Bistro began it’s journey as a food blog in 2014 with intentions of sharing our recipes and ideas of healthy living with other food lovers. With the heart-warming response we received in the first year made us branch out to quarters like Hotel & Restaurant Reviews, Travel Blogging, Lifestyle Writing and of course, Food Photography & Styling.

Our mission is to spotlight foods and drinks that are native to particular places around the world. Whether you’re in India or overseas, we believe that tasting the foods and drinks of a destination is undoubtedly significant to experiencing it, as they reflect that region’s culture, geography, and lore. Our umbrella covers everything – we’re not picky, we love EVERYTHING!

We offer: 

  • Delectable Recipes. Offering the perfect recipes curated with heaps of love.
  • Food & Property Guides. Looking for that new dish you are yet to discover? Or torn between which hotel to book? Read our globetrotting guides for the best experiences!
  • Travel Insights. Learning how to reach a destination with most accurate routes, budgets, travel times, sights to see, etc. for you to stop making excuses and pack your bags to go explore!
  • Lifestyle Hacks. Offering regular doses of fashion, inspiration, wellness and anything and everything to motivate you!

We want to help fellow travellers and strongly encourage local level grassroots travel and at the same time celebrate local foods which, in turn, celebrates and supports the local people, their cultural traditions, and their livelihoods—we hope to encourage others to seek them out for themselves.

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That’s all we have for you on this page, folks!