About Appy Bistro

Appy Bistro was established in 2014 at Hebbal, Bangalore by Parul Khanna.

Appy Bistro welcomes all our guests online to read easy recipes on our website & blog posts. Our main objective is to make you feel at home with your food.Our recipes have a zing of simplicity combined with elegance & we are Chefs with Heart.

We aim to provide a food experience which will leave you wanting for more!  We not only believe in preparing our meals with a homely touch, we also cover fusion cooking, i.e., cuisines from all over the globe! The exquisite flavours, exotic spice pallets combined with our love for cooking will prepare meals which will be loved by all!

We strongly respect the Chef’s who cook, bake & prepare delightful & healthy meals thru their hard work, dedication, culinary skills & vast experience and their ability to bring smiles on people faces. We want our readers to know about them as much as about the food & recipes they like. We would like to Honour & Cheer for our great Chef’s along with all our reader’s on our blog.

Appy Bistro is designed to provide fresh home cooked meals too within minutes at your doorstep by delivering them, the service is going to start soon.


To provide healthy and nourishing food, integrating different cooking styles and methods thru our website, blog & thru direct home delivery. We want to provide food which could be incorporated as an everyday diet for every one and especially working men and women.

To create a strong presence in Bangalore and other metropolitan cities in India and lastly; To provide efficient and customer friendly service.


Appy Bistro’s mission is to create a strong client-base and to educate and enhance the eating habits of all people who visit our website & blog or use our services to order directly and reach out to more segments of the market, creating more stable and informed communities.

We would like our reader’s and customer’s to make healthy eating easy, affordable and to make smart food choices a way of life.

What makes us different?

Appy Bistro’s strong & true belief to bring elegant home style cooking to your door step in an easy way. Appy Bistro comprises of various positive qualities and has integrated safe, hygienic, clean, trustworthy & transparent way of food preparation and handles every process involved in it with care.

We strongly feel that Best of the meals start with best of Ingredients so we hand pick our vegetables & all other ingredients with utmost care, every little one of them! The vegetables are fresh and are purchased every day, totally avoiding the use of the left over stale ones. We gather fresh produce from the farmer’s markets on a daily basis especially working with seasonal produce. We love to use Greens.

We do not abuse oil & butter, we don’t allow the usage of same oil repeatedly. We primarily use extra virgin & extra light olive oils or canola oil etc. for cooking which are high in heart healthy antioxidants and monounsaturated fats & we don’t consent using harmful food additives like food taste enhancers or any ingredients & materials which are not considered healthy in a normal household kitchen. We prepare most of the ingredients in-house to maintain their freshness like spices or buy from extremely reliable & well known sources & brands. We use a lot of Organic fresh produce & packed organic ingredients.To keep the taste hygiene & health in mind we do all our cooking in bottled water, to the extent of washing and soaking too with the same.We ensure good quality & hygienic packaging of food & drinks & we plan to set up our kitchens in different areas to ensure fast & timely delivery.

In a gist, we can say that we follow the exact mind-set of a housewife and take pride in providing nutritious, healthy, hygienic and hearty meals & we also focus on making kid’s food healthy and attractive so they would love to eat it happily & still crave for more, we like to engage in creative cooking for our little picky eaters. 

To be connected to you we welcome all our reader’s to visit our website & blog, to ask us if they have any questions or to advise their comments to help us improve our services and to join us by sharing their experiences & recipes and posting on our blog.

Please follow us on Facebook & keep visiting us on Twitter for latest updates OR simply send us an email or pick up the phone & call. We look forward to it.

Have a Great Day!

Team Appy Bistro