Category: Beverages

Virgin Mojitos

Mojito was born in Havana and has travelled world over and has made one and all fall for it. It’s really refreshing both ways – as a cocktail or a mocktail.  Our Mocktail Mojito on the rocks, garnished with a mint sprig is extremely refreshing & absolutely wonderful. […]

Appetizer Tropical

The summer brings the hot, hot, HOT days yet again and there is nothing more satisfying than a refreshing mocktail! Those of you counting calories don’t stop reading! There’s good news for you too! Beat the heat California style! The refreshing blend of seasonal fruits can be mixed […]

Papaya Surprise

Do you want to chill out and do you love your Mocktails! Then here is perfect drink for you to enjoy in the evening or over a week end especially in the hot summer season. Here is version with Papaya which is delicious and even healthy. It’s very […]