Category: Cakes & Patisserie

Honey Cake

There are days when we just kill our strong urge to have a nice dessert or just to dig our teeth into a beautiful & delicious cake. Well! If you are feeling this way, then you are in for a real treat. We have great cake recipe from […]

Christmas Brownies

The flavour which goes hand in hand with the Christmas festive season is the Chocolate flavour. Its holiday time for kids and cakes & brownies serve as a great dessert or a perfect tea time snack or simply a comfort food any time for all age groups alike. […]

Honey Cake – Medovik

Just thinking of a great dessert brings a big smile on our faces, when we taste & eat one, then it brings an ultimate happiness and satisfaction. Some of the best recipes come from the great pastry chefs who are real genius of the baking world. Today we […]

Brioche Au Nutella

Are you looking for some nice soft freshly baked bread filled with Nutella, well then Nutella lovers, here is a great recipe from our guest Chef Joelle. We have already published earlier the recipe of French Brioche. This is in continuation of that recipe. It is slightly difficult […]

Crème fraîche

Crème Fraiche means “fresh cream” and it is actually sour cream but less sour than US style sour cream. It’s name originally comes from France but it is very popular all over Europe & US. You must have surely enjoyed Crème Fraiche with either fruits or salads or […]