Category: Cakes & Patisserie

Crème Patisserie

Crème patisserie is basically pastry cream used in a lot of desserts, is used for filling in cream puffs, éclairs, fruit tarts or pie fillings. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to imagine that the delicious cream pastry we love so much is so easy to make at home. Super […]

Chocolate Pastry Cream

Chocolate pastry cream is a very delicious, easy-to-do at home cream filling, which can be used in cakes & pastries, puffs or éclairs, napoleons etc. & for sure kids will love it. It is very simple to make, just add egg yolks, vanilla extract, sugar to boiled milk, […]

Delicious Pastry Cream

Delicious pastry cream is a very easily doable at home dessert cream used for filling for cakes, papal cream cake, pastries using custard fillings, cream puffs, éclairs etc. To make this super easy, super simple & incredible delicious pastry filling all we need to do is cook together […]

Polish Kremówka Papieska

This cream cake has been a very old dessert from Poland but was suddenly rebranded as Papal Cream Cake “ kremówka papieska” (pronounced as kreh-MOOV-kah pah-PYESS-kah) when in 1999 Pope John Paul II mentioned that he loved this cream cake during a visit to his hometown. For making this delicious […]

Swedish Rosenmunnar

Rosenmunnar are traditional melt in the mouth, Eggless Swedish thumbprint cookies. They are also known as Christmas cookies but they can be made thru out the year as they are very easy to do. They are perfect to serve for afternoon or high tea and they are surely […]

German Apple Cake

German apple cake is a very popular in Europe; it is moist, flavorful & dense cake. This cake is very delicious and is generally served at breakfast, for desserts and as a snack too. It is quite a hot favourite party, potlucks & picnics too. This apple cake […]

Welsh Cake

Welsh cake or the bakestones is a traditional food from Wales & have been popular almost since past many centuries. They are best served hot but can be had cold too. They are griddle baked flat bread. They are incredible easy to make and extremely delicious. These cakes […]