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Delicious Cookies

Cookies are every ones favorite, we can buy cookies any time but real fun is when you make them yourself at home. It is truly a very satisfying feeling to see oneself baking delicious cookies. Make them and then you can treat your family & friends with these great […]


Macaron is a French sweet meringue based confectionary. The name is derived from Italian word macarone, the Italian meringue. The macarons are normally filled with ganache or creams or jams and can be made in different colors. The macarons are made with almond powder, egg white, icing sugar […]

French Brioche

Brioche is originally a pastry of French origin, which is very similar to rich bread with a beautiful tender crunch. It is considered richer than normal bread due to the high content of eggs & butter etc. so it is more of a pastry. Brioche dough is flour […]

Eggless Nutella-Brownie

Is chocolate brownie your favorite brownies? Then you must try these eggless chocolate cake brownies. The beauty of this cake which you will very interested in, is that it is not made with regular milk option. Try out and enjoy with your family & friends a delicious, moist […]

Easy Eggless Sponge Cake

Cakes are every ones favorite sweet baked dessert; right from kids to adults, all love them. Some people though have restrictions of having normal cakes due to eggs being one of the main ingredients. So for all those of my wonderful reader’s who cannot have a normal sponge […]

Small French Breads

Nothing beats the aroma & taste of a freshly baked bread, normally its thought that bread making is a very tough task but this recipe will change this feeling for sure. Here another bread recipe by our guest chef Joelle, it is very simple and easily doable bread […]


What is Buchty? Well it is soft, moist and buttery bread, which is perfect for breakfast. It is German Brioche and it can be one large loaf or small individual ones. I got this recipe from a dear friend who is also a fellow mum at my kids school, […]