Category: Continental

Roasted Beet Sauce Pasta

Christmas time is here and thinking of Santa, Red color just seems perfect! So it set me thinking to cook something which looks Red & tastes delicious at the same time. The obvious choice is something to do with Beetroots. So instead of cooking the traditional beet veggies, […]

Creamy Peas-Mushroom

Some times we are in a fix what to cook. Creamy peas mushroom make a great side dish generally but sometimes can be used as main dish along with breads. It is very quick & easy to make and highly delicious to eat. Generally people use boiled or […]

Greek Spanakorizo

Spanakorizo is a spinach & rice Greek vegetarian dish, this is a typical Greek country dish, which can be served & enjoyed either hot or cold per choice. It is a Pilaf (pulao) dish. Some people also call it Greek spinach risotto. I tried this dish once at […]

Easy Creamed Mushrooms

Mushroom is a hot favorite with many people. It is cooked for main course, salad, side dishes, appetizers, soups etc. either ways they taste yummy. Mushrooms are low calorie food better known as the the “meat of the vegetarian world”. Today we are going to try one of eastern […]

German Geflügelragout

Geflugelragout, well its basically roast chicken stew. This is a very commonly available dish in Germany. To make this dish people either roast chicken at home or but at super markets but the other common place to buy this is the rotisserie trucks. To make this dish the […]