Category: Continental

Basic Polenta

Polenta is a vegan cornmeal based dish, it has origins in France, Northern Italy & Switzerland although polenta was used even during Roman times too. Polenta is generally made with yellow maize but sometimes buckwheat or white maize is also used. Basic polenta is made with corn meal boiled […]

Swiss: Älplermagrone

Alplermagrone is a simple yet delicious macaroni n cheese dish from Switzerland. Macaroni has always been one of the basic pasta dishes but this dish too can be termed a gourmet food if it is cooked in a manner, which turns this simple dish into something really great, […]

Vegetable Risotto

Risotto is a very simple Italian dish but it has earned a reputation of being exotic gourmet dish, which is generally served in high-end restaurants. It is a simple dish but the fact is that sometimes even the best of cooks still are not able to get it […]

Peruvian Aji de Gallina

This Peruvian classic chicken dish is very popular and delicious. It is basically shredded chicken cooked in a spicy creamy & cheesy walnut sauce, the specialty of this dish is that it is cooked with bright yellow Aji Amarillo peppers, I have tried to substitute these peppers with […]