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Herbed Creamy Mashed Potato

Mashed potatoes are very popular in Western countries; they are made with potatoes, cream, butter all mashed together. They are perfect for any meals whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. Can be served along side eggs, veggies, meat or breads or just as is. They are really yummy! Step-by-Step […]

Mashed Sweet Potato

Indians usually like roasted sweet potatoes (shakarkandi) and I know for sure that it is absolutely yum. There are many other ways in which sweet potatoes are cooked and taste equally great. Here is a very simple, super quick recipe with steamed or boiled and mashed sweet potatoes, brown […]

Creamed Corn

Cream Corn is an old dish in the Western coutries; traditionally it was simmered on low heat in a pot for a long time. I loved this cream corn when I tried this recipe. This makes a great party dish or can be enjoyed with family any time […]

Classic French Omelet

Omelet is one the best egg recipes liked worldwide. They are delicious, fulfilling and serve as a complete meal with breads. I feel that every one makes this omelet but still it comes out different for every one. French omelet is most simple, easy, soft, buttery, custardy & […]