Category: Desserts

Cherry Baby

Desserts are every one’s favourite and if we see a really great looking dessert in front of us then it almost becomes irresistible. Today we have a great dessert recipe from Celebrity Chef Kirsten Tibbals, Director of Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School. This recipe is one of her […]

Date & Walnut Fudge/Halwa

Most of the people cannot say no to desserts even if they feel its too rich in calories, just imagine a dessert which satisfies your sweet cravings and in turn comes out healthy too, then it’s a perfect combination. Michelin star restaurant Chef Peter Joseph shares a great […]

Ras Malai

Some of the Indian sweets are always a hit with people, one of them is Ras Malai which can be called a all time great. It is mostly a part of menu for parties & weddings. A milk product, its incredible delicious. This dessert comes from the state […]

Baked Yoghurt

Desserts are every ones favourite and dessert craving are quite common. Mostly desserts are loaded with sugar but if get hold of a dessert which sounds healthy too apart being incredibly delicious, then it is a great treat. We have a great recipe from Celebrity Chef Sriram Aylur […]