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Southern Karjikai

Karjikai or Karanji or Karigadabu or North Indian Gujiya is a sweet dish, which is made during festival times like Diwali and Vinayaka Chaturthi. As the festive season is on so let’s talk about the sweets that go with it. Karjikai has a crisp shell outside with sweet […]

Sweet Steamed Modak

Modak are synonymous with Ganesha Chaturthi as these modaks are Hindu God Ganesha’s favorite so is offered to him while offering prayers and Prasad. . Every year on this festival the sweet shops are selling modaks and are also made in most of the home kitchens. They are […]

Eggless Nutella Mousse

Do you love Nutella? Well, then this mousse is just perfect for you as its rich, creamy, light with silky smooth texture and full of your favorite flavor. The day I had posted the regular chocolate mousse recipe with eggs, one of my vegan friends asked me for […]

Italian Biancomangiare

This Italian wonder dish Biancomangiare (Blancmange) dates back to medieval times and derives its name from its color – white, which in Italian is “Bianco”. It is a very simple dessert made with thickened almonds milk or cream and is a cousin of panna cotta in a way. […]