Category: Desserts

Sweet Shrikhand

Yoghurt (Dahi) is known to be a part of most of the meals, right from breakfast till dinner. It is nutritionally rich in calcium & vitamins. Yoghurt comes in many flavors; this one is called shrikhand and is very easy to do at home dessert. It comes mainly […]

Singhare Ka Halwa

Singhara or Water chestnut or Water caltrop is an aquatic plant, which resembles a flying bat or head of a bull in looks. The flour of this plant is known for being used during the Navratra fasting months or any auspicious fasts & festivals in India. Toady being […]

Oats-Apple Crisp

Desserts are every ones favorite, if we can make desserts, which have healthy ingredients in it, then definitely it becomes more interesting. Here a delicious recipe in which sliced apples are baked with oats, sugar & flour and topped with your choice of toppings. It is easy to cook […]

Cookie-Cream-Jelly Bites

Do you have a sweet tooth? Sometimes do you get sweet cravings and don’t have any thing sweet available, well try this sweet, its easy to cook and will surely satisfy your sweet cravings. This dish is made crumbled cookies, cream cheese & jelly in your choice of […]

Sweet Mawa-Nuts Peda

Sweets are every ones favorite. Especially on festivals, they are served for sure. I was thinking of sharing with my readers this super easy and super delicious milk based sweet or dessert. Made with khoya (mawa) mixed with powdered sugar and nuts. Try out! Step-by-Step Easy & Quick […]