Category: North Indian

Vegetable Biryani Dum

Biryani is one of the most favourite food all over India and some countries as well. Mostly biryani’s are known more for non-veg food but veg biryani’s are now equally favoured. Its rich in taste and a complete meal in itself. Today we have a great veg biryani […]

Chicken Rezala

There are many chicken recipes in India. This one is a rich, full of flavours, aromatic, cooked in white curry made with poppy seeds, cashew nuts & yoghurt. Truly delicious and a delight for every one who likes chicken dishes. Celebrity Chef Hari Ghotra has come up with […]

Amazing Nut Roast

A spicy lentil, veggies & nut roast, which can be called vegetarians delight. A rather unusual recipe but incredibly delicious. A perfect recipe for a party or snack time or even can be called as a Christmas recipe. This is one of the great recipes by Celebrity Chef […]

Tangy Fried Okra

Okra or Bhindi is a very commonly used vegetable in India. Tangy fried okra or amchoor Bhindi as we call it in India, its quite a popular dish and a recipe. Here Okra or Bhindi is cooked with dry mango powder so gives a nice tangy taste. Chef […]

Asparagus Masala

Asparagus is generally not considered an India vegetable and till some time back a lot of Indians were not using it and it was hard to find here but nowadays the whole scenario is changed. People are using vegetables which were earlier not easily available to them. Asparagus […]