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Gobhi Ka Parantha

Gobhi Parantha (cauliflower parantha) is again a very famous and sought after delicious easy Indian Punjabi bread. It is a hot favorite for breakfast or lunch dinner too. Its is my all time favorite. With little practice even for new cooks it is easy to cook gobhi Parantha, […]

Broccoli-Aloo Stuffed Parantha

Broccoli-Aloo Parantha (broccoli-potato parantha) is a delicious easy new version of Indian Punjabi bread. It is a hot favorite for breakfast or lunch dinner too. This is not a very common stuffing but I tried and it is good, equally tasty and additionally has the broccoli flavor & […]

Bhature recipe

Chole-Bhature is a very famous North Indian Punjabi dish. This delicious combo is generally served for breakfast or lunch. It is often a part of ceremonial feasts too. Bhatura is the bread served with curried chole (chickpeas). This bread is made by kneading the flour with yoghurt to […]

Rajasthani Panchmel Dal

Rajasthan and its cuisine are very appealing in general to every one in India. This dal is widely used in Marwari families. As the name suggests, it is made with 5 types of lentils mixed together dressed with aromatic & tasty tempering. Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe – […]

Baigan Ka Bharta

Baigan ka bharta is one of the main North Indian dishes, known from Punjabi cuisine, extremely delicious. Its made with roasted & mashed eggplants (baigan) cooked with onion & tomato & dry spices. If it is roasted on an open flame then a smoky flavor and aroma becomes a […]

Kashmiri Mutton Rogan Josh

Kashmiri cuisine and Rogan Josh go hand in hand, this is very first dish that normally pops into our heads the moment we look at Kashmir or its cuisines. It’s a rich & very delicious dish, made with mutton (Lamb) slow cooked with onion & tomato gravy with lots of whole […]

Kashmiri Veth Chaman

Kashmiri Paneer recipe, it has to be delicious. The Kashmiri cuisine is very sought after cuisine  as it is extremely rich in nature. They use a lot of yoghurt & aniseed, fennel flavours and cook a lot in mustard oil which gives it a distinct excotic flavor. This […]