Category: North Indian

Arbi Curry

I am sure that mostly every one likes dry arbi but a lot of people cook & like the arbi curry too. For me it brings back the memories of my childhood where my mom used to make this dish and I used to love eating it. To […]

Arbi Ki Sookhi Sabzi

Arbi or colocassia or taro has many other names too and is grown in the South Pacific region a lot, its home to India too, its roots & leaves both are edible and used widely in Indian cuisine. It is a good replacement for potato, so any potato […]

Sabudana-Aloo Tikki

Sabudana-Aloo Tikki (Potato-Sago cutlets) is a delicious Navratri or fasting food but can be enjoyed any other day too. It’s very simple and easy to cook and very filling too. During fasting if you get such delicious dishes then what more one can ask for. To cook this […]

Sabudana Kichdi

When we think of sabudana kichdi the very first thought that crosses our mind is Navratri fasting food, well yes, it is one of the main fasting foods. The beauty of this dish is that it is healthy, light yet filling and very delicious to eat. I remember […]

Punjabi Dal Tadka

There are some dishes, which are very well, know from each region, Dal Tadka is one such from North India especially from Punjab. When you think of it, you just want to have it and savor the taste. These are commonly available in authentic Punjabi food restaurants or […]

Achaari Dahi-Bhindi

Achaari Dahi-Bhindi is okra cooked in yoghurt with spices used in making Indian pickles, it surely does sound very interesting, enough to try it. Well, do that and am sure you are going to enjoy this delicious okra dish. Well its not a long process to make this […]

Khoya Matar

Khoya is a milk based dairy product. Normally in India it is widely used in making sweets or desserts but this particular dish is done with tomatoes, peas & spices. It is very easy to make, delicious & rich dish. To make this khoya matar sauté khoya first […]