Category: North Indian

Creamy Mushroom-Matar

Mushroom mater or mushroom-peas is a great combo when cooked together. Mushrooms are highly preferred by vegetarians and non-vegetarians both. Here for making this delicious vegeterian dish we have to cook peas and mushrooms with onions, ginger-garlic & tomato and with almond-cashew nut paste & fresh cream. Try […]

Punjabi Methi-Matar-Malai

Methi is a winter veggie and is used in many ways even though originally it slightly tastes bitter, to counter this slight bitterness this dish is cooked with fresh or frozen peas in white cream sauce. This malai-methi-matar is a delicious dish, served as an entrée or simply […]

Matar-Paneer Nimona

Nimona is a traditional common dish from Uttar Pradesh, where a dal like thick curry is called nimona. Well this classic every day winter dish which is usually best done with fresh peas, it is normally paired with potato or mangodi or soya nuggets etc. but I tried […]

Banarasi Barwan Kalonji-Baigan

Here comes Kalonji Baigan or nigella  stuffed Eggplants. Well, it is another Saatvik recipe from Banarasi cuisine. This dish is made with baby eggplants stuffed with whole spices dry roasted and then grinded and then fried with panch poran spices, well the result is simply amazing. Try this! […]

Banarasi Kathal-Do-Pyaza

Kathal or Jackfruit is a very popular fruit/vegetable has its origins in Asia or South Asia; it is also the national fruit of Bangladesh and is called Kanthal there. It is suitable for growing in low tropical regions and is a very popular fruit there. Jackfruit is a […]

Grilled Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka, well its any one and every ones favorite dishes. There are many ways to make it like Tandoori or on tawa or baked. This is a perfect appetizer or side dish or just a snack for any occasion or a normal dinner. It is incredible delicious […]

Paneer-Butter Masala

Paneer butter masala is a very famous North Indian vegetarian rich creamy dish, which is extremely popular and is mostly a part of occasions, weddings or party’s menu. In this recipe the gravy is made with whole spices, onion, ginger-garlic sautéed with tomato and purred together. Then paneer […]