Category: North Indian

Marwari Bajra Kichdi

Marwari food is mainly vegetarian food but their cuisine as vibrant and great as their Rajasthan culture. It is a well-known and much preferred cuisine. Jowar (white millet) is grown more in the Marwar region of Rajsthan but for some reason they use more of Bajra (pearl millet). […]

Navratan Korma

Navratan korma is one of the most well known North Indian, rich Mughlai dish. The word “Navratan” means nine jewels and korma means a smooth, even textured buttery sauce. This dish is basically vegetables cooked in a nice tomato based sauce or gravy. To prepare this delicious dish […]

Paneer-Veggies Jalfrezi

Jalfrezi or Jhalfrezi is a very popular tomato based vegetarian dish made with lots of seasonal veggies. It is an amazing combo of veggies cooked with spices, this dish has its origins way back during the old times wherein people started using & cooking left over vegetables with […]

Rajasthani Spicy Tikadia

This is another simple yet delicious recipe from Rajasthani cuisine. Tikadia is a whole wheat bread, pretty much like the plain or stuffed laccha parantha or malabar parantha or kerala parantha. It can be stuffed or plain but they are crispy and cooked on low heat to get […]

Rajasthani Haldi Ki Sabzi

Haldi Ki Sabzi or Turmeric Curry is a traditional dish from Rajasthan. It is cooked with raw turmeric and is generally cooked at home and is a part of the menu served for special parties or weddings or any special occasions. Turmeric has its own medicinal value and […]

Rajasthani Papad Ka Shaak

Rajasthani cuisine is known for its great taste and rich nature. There are many delicious dishes. This one is a very easy, simple but very popular dish. Here the papad are roasted & cooked together with boondi in yoghurt curry with spices. Yummy! Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe […]

Simple Lauki Curry

Lauki (bottle gourd) is a very simple but very useful vegetable with many health benefits. In India it is widely used in Ayurveda as it is light on stomach and has medicinal values. It is commonly cooked in most of the homes on a regular basis. Lauki can […]