Category: North Indian

Matar-Paneer Curry

Paneer (cottage cheese), well mostly every one likes it, especially for vegetarians. This is like a everyday dish in most of the kitchens. Peas (matar) too is a hot favorite so when the combo of paneer & peas is cooked then the result is amazing. In this dish […]

Green or Yellow Moong Khichdi

This is a super simple, super quick & super easy dish, which I feel is cooked across India in some or other similar form. Although it’s a very simple dish even then best of cooks can sometimes mess it up. Some people like it cooked slightly dry and sometime slightly […]

Gujarati White Rice Dhokla

Dhokla is a super yummy Indian dish, which is liked by all across the country; there are many dhokla variations. This is a simple, easy, sumptuous snack. Normally we have yellow color dhokla but here is a great one which is white dhokla. Here is a dhokla recipe […]

Lauki Ke Kofte

Lauki Ke Kofte is one of the main course curries preferred in most kitchens in North India. It’s a part of Awadhi cuisine. This dish consists of lauki (bottle gourd) & gram flour fritters dipped in onion tomato curry. Extremely sumptuous! Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe – Prep […]