Category: North Indian

Crispy Flax Seed Parantha

Flaxseed Parantha is a delicious easy new version of Indian Punjabi bread. It is a yummy & full of flaxseed nutrients, good for breakfast or lunch or dinner too. This version is much easier to cook than stuffed paranthas, if you follow the right steps in the beginning, […]

Aloo Matar Curry

Aloo matar curry or Potato peas curry is quite a common dish in an Indian kitchen. It is delicious yet easy and simple to cook. It is a simple yet highly favourable dish. This dish is cooked with boiled potatoes and green peas with a nice & rich […]

Lauki Chana Dal

A lot of people in general are not so very fond of lauki (bottle gourd) but those who start eating it, love it eventually. It’s a very light veggie, good for stomach. It can be used in many ways, here is a dal recipe using bottle gourd, split […]

Punjabi Sookhi Urad ki Dal

Punjabi dishes are always known to be very delicious. Sookhi urad ki dal or sookhi Amritsari dal (black split skinless lentils) is a dry dal cooked with onion, tomato & spices. Try this sumptuous Punjabi dish. You will surely love it. It is easy & quick to cook […]

Mathura Ke Dubki Aloo

Dubki Aloo (potato curry) is really a very yummy & mouth-watering, delicious, quick & easy dish. It is famous aloo curry from Mathura, which is served with poori or kachauri. This dish is made with boiled potatoes fried with tomato & spices & then simmered after adding water […]

Langarwali Dal

This dal has a lot of significance as it is cooked as a part of langar in Gurudwara’s. They always taste absolutely heavenly as the food & the cooks are surely blessed to deliver such great delicious meals to one and all. It is called langar wali dal […]

Aloo Ka Parantha

Aloo Parantha (potato parantha) is one of the most famous and sought after delicious easy Indian Punjabi bread. It is a hot favorite for breakfast or lunch dinner too. The general belief amongst the new cooks especially is that it’s not easy to cook Aloo Parantha, but it […]