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Lamb Kebabs

Spicy minced lamb patties or mutton kebab as commonly called in India. Kebabs are one of the main attractions of Mughlai cuisine and almost all non vegetarians are very fond of them. Chef Hari Ghotra brings one of the most tempting and delicious dishes, it is best served […]

Lobster Masala

We have another great recipe for seafood lovers. Seafood is majorly popular in the coastal regions or tropical places. This recipe is Lobster masala curry, where the lobster tails are cooked in tomato sauce with aromatic spices. Chef Peter Joseph from the famous Michelin Starred Restaurant, shares this […]

Tandoori Khumb

Mushrooms are most of the vegetarian’s best friends, normally known to be a part of vegetarian fine dine recipes. Mushrooms are low-calorie, low fat food but high source of Vitamin B and essential minerals, so they are heathy vegetable. This grilled mushroom truly gourmet recipe by Michelin Star […]

Goan Prawn Curry

India is known for its regional cuisines and Goan cuisine is quite a hot with Indians & tourists alike. Goa being a coastal state is known for its sea food or fish recipes and spicy food but Michelin Star Chef Alfred Prasad has shared a great recipe which […]

Bharwan Paneer

Paneer (cottage cheese) is one the most favorite dishes in India and especially with the vegetarians. This milk product can be cooked in many ways and tastes truly delicious in which ever form its cooked. Michelin Star chef Alfred Prasad has a fabulous recipe of stuffed paneer chuncks […]

Indian Potato Cakes

These delicious Indian potato cakes from Michelin Star Chef Alfred Prasad are full of fresh fragrant coriander and chunky chickpeas, with a hint of cumin and garam masala. They’re incredibly easy to make, and would make a great vegetarian substitute for fish cakes or even burgers. Step-by-Step Easy […]