Category: South Indian

Yoghurt Rice

Rice and yoghurt are every day food for a lot of people around the world but in India a lot of people like to eat rice mixed with yoghurt on regular basis, especially if you want some quick comfort food or looking for a very light diet which […]

Pork Vindaloo

Pork is a highly versatile meat which goes well with different flavours, adds charm to your party menu or is great for a dinner or lunch menu at home. It can be cooked practically in any way like it can be grilled, fried, stewed, smoked, braised, sautéed etc. […]

Tangy Tamarind Prawns

Tangy tamarind prawns is a great recipe for seafood lovers. There are various prawn recipes across the world & prawns are one of the easiest cooking seafood too. Here we have tday a great recipe by Celebrity Chef Hari Ghotra of Tangy Tamarind prawns. They can be cooked […]

Tamarind Rice

Tamarind rice is very popular South Indian rice dish. As the name suggests Tamarind rice is made with tamarind and is slightly sour but is also incredibly delicious due to the tangy & spicy taste. This tangy rice dish is a traditional dish from South India. Celebrity Chef […]

Cashew Nut Curry

Curries are an integral & very important part of Indian cuisine, in fact in other countries India cuisine is thought to be just curry based. I know all curry dishes normally cooked across India but when I heard of this recipe from Celebrity Chef Hari Ghotra, it surely […]

Lobster Masala

We have another great recipe for seafood lovers. Seafood is majorly popular in the coastal regions or tropical places. This recipe is Lobster masala curry, where the lobster tails are cooked in tomato sauce with aromatic spices. Chef Peter Joseph from the famous Michelin Starred Restaurant, shares this […]

Goan Prawn Curry

India is known for its regional cuisines and Goan cuisine is quite a hot with Indians & tourists alike. Goa being a coastal state is known for its sea food or fish recipes and spicy food but Michelin Star Chef Alfred Prasad has shared a great recipe which […]

Chettinad Chicken Curry

From Tamil Nadu in Southern India, Chettinad chicken curry has plenty of punch and fire. Michelin Star Chef Alfred Prasad’s simple to follow recipe is full of vibrant flavour and only takes 40 minutes to make. Serve with rice on the side. Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe – Cook […]

Fisherman Catch

Fisherman catch is a catchy name and one would immediately think it as some fresh fish, freshly cooked too on the plate to savour, well it is another wonderful dish from Celebrity chef Sriram Aylur of Michelin star Restaurant – Quilon, London. This is basically Curry Leaf and […]

Stuffed Quail Legs

There are some dishes which are every day dishes cooked in our kitchen and then there are some which are gourmet dishes and normally we go to a fine dine restaurant and enjoy them, but if you can have a recipe from a master chef for such dish […]