Category: South Indian

El-Avarai Udhakka

Double Beans is a very commonly used ingredient in the Badaga cuisine. Badaga community is mostly settled in the Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India. The double beans are highly protein rich and have a very distinct & unique taste. Badaga people are experts in creating different & delicious recipes […]

Peas Pulao

Rice is a part of every ones meal. Cooked in many different ways and with different ingredients, is still yummy and fulfilling every time one eats. Pulao or Pulav recipes are well known in many countries. Our guest chef Divya has come up with another of hers, very […]

Kerala Moru Curry

Kerala is one of the favorite destinations in India with an equally great cuisine. This is a very simple yet very delicious recipe, which is also usually a part of Onam recipes too. Here the yoghurt is blended well to form buttermilk which is then tempered well with […]