Category: South Indian

Kerala Vegan Erissary

Kerala is rich in its natural beauty and also has rich cuisine. There are many known dishes; the Erissary is one of them. It is one of the main vegan recipe used for their main festival Onam too. This Erissary dish is basically made with veggies like pumpkin, […]

Kerala Mix Vegetable Thoran

Thoran or thokaran is a dish from Kerala and is normally a part of their famous festival Onam. It is basically different veggies cooked together o you can plainly say it’s a mixed vegetable dish. it is highly nutricious and delicious too. Here this recipe has a lot […]

Kerala Aviyal

Aviyal is a Kerala recipe and is made with veggies in freshly made coconut paste. Aviyal is cooked either dry or semi dry. This is one of the dishes made during the festival of Onam. Here is a great aviyal recipe with veggies cooked in a coconut-based paste […]

Stir Fry Cabbage

Cabbages are multi-layered veggies; they come in green or purple colors. We cook cabbage in many ways but this one is really very simple, easy, quick and very delicious, its surely is worth a try. This south Indian style cabbage dish is cooked with green chili, ginger & […]

Beetroot Poriyal

Beetroot is one of the healthy veggies. It is a common veggie in a south Indian kitchen. Here is a delicious beetroot dish, which is very easy & quick to make. Here beets are cooked with onions, garlic & curry leaves. Try out. Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe […]

Beans Parappu Usili

Indian cuisine is full of different flavors from all over the country, amongst them South Indian cuisine is one of the hot favorite one. Very sumptuous, delicious and utterly mouth watering. Here is a delicious, quick & easy dish, with green beans cooked with lentils with mustard and […]