Category: South Indian

Hyderabadi Shami Kebab

Hyderabadi cuisine has a lot of meat dishes as it originates from Mughal or Hyderabad Nizams legacy. Kebab is one of the most well known dishes; just hearing the name tempts all non-vegetarians. This highly tempting and mouth-watering dish is made with minced lamb meat. This looks great […]

Udupi Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa, the Indian rice batter crepe also called a water crepe is healthy, delicious & a very light meal! Neer dosa is originally from Karnataka, a very light dish from Udupi. It is made with very runny or watery rice batter mixed with salt & coconut (optional), […]

Lemon Rice

Some of the recipes from South India are very popular all over the country, one of them being the lemon rice, its very easy & quick to cook and absolutely delicious to eat. In this recipe boiled rice is mixed with a very nice flavored tempering of mustard […]

Corn Pulao

Pulao is a one pot fully satisfying simple yet delicious wholesome meal. Pulao is not only a hot favorite in India but also liked well in Middle Eastern & Mediterranean countries. It is a simple, easy & quick dish to make and absolutely yum & delicious to eat. Here […]

Delicious Thayir Vadai

Thayir or Dahi Vada is again a very popular dish across India with different cooking methods & styles and having different names. It’s a savory curd dish. Basically it is made with white lentil (urad dal) fritters, which are dipped in thick curd dipping & with a nice flavor […]

Best-Ever Dal Dhokla Idli’s

Dhokla is a classic vegetarian dish from Indian state of Gujarat but it’s widely cooked over the country. It is a preferred snack as its very filling. Normally Dhokla is cooked with gram lentils & rice batter, which is usually fermented overnight. Now days even instant dhokla recipes using […]

Upma Sooji

Upma is a savoury dish from South India & widely popular in Maharashtra too. It is mainly known as a breakfast dish, although it can be had any time of the day. So if you don’t feel like having a big breakfast day and you don’t want to go with […]