Category: Mediterranean

Greek Vegetarian Moussaka

Greek cuisine is well-known and like globally for its rich taste. Meat & poultry is a bigger part of Greek cuisine but there are many great vegetarian dishes too. Vegetarians & non-vegetarians alike always appreciate this one here. This recipe is not so difficult to cook but takes […]

African Tennis Ball

Would you like to cook something delicious for your family & kids, well here is a great recipe, which they will surely love. They are very easy to cook. You can call it all time kids favorite snack or food. Well our guest chef Joelle Paku has shared […]

Egyptian Vegan Koshari

Koshari or Koshary is one of the main dishes from Egyptian cuisine. When I first looked at this vegetarian dish, I was really surprised to see a very unusual & rare combination of rice, pasta, brown lentils & chickpeas cooked together with spices but when I tasted Koshari, […]