Okra-Peanut Sabzi

Okra or bhindi is a veggie which mostly every one likes and can be cooked in various forms. Here is south Indian version of Okra-Peanut (vandaikai poriyal), which is damn delicious, savory, tangy dish which is easy to cook. Here okra is fried with onions, garlic, tomato and spices […]

Blueberry Pancakes

Pancakes are every ones favorite and pancakes with blueberries yummy too. A perfect morning breakfast recipe to start your day or you can enjoy at any time of the day. These simple and easy pancakes are made with flour, eggs, baking powder batter with frozen and thawed blueberries, […]

Easy Fluffy Pancakes

Pancakes are almost a must for breakfast in Western countries, in India too now pancakes have gained popularity amongst the young and kids too. They are delicious & light to eat, easy & quick to cook wholesome food. Nothing beats the homemade fresh pancakes. Try these basic or […]

Basil Cream Spaghetti Pasta

Italian food & pasta is every ones favorite food usually. Spaghetti pasta is one of the most common pasta types used. This is a recipe with spaghetti pasta in basil cream sauce which looks and tastes deliciously yum, try out! Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe – Prep Time       […]

Dragon Cocktail

Friday evening and party time, well try this cocktail drink with your family and friends to set the mood right. The tarragon used for garnishing gives a distinct flavor along the lemongrass. Ingredients: Grey Goose Vodka – 1 ½ parts Ginger Liqueur – ½ part Lime – ½ […]