Delicious Bulgur Tabbouleh

Like any homemaker, I keep trying to find and make simple and healthy recipes for my family. I like bulgur wheat recipes, as Bulgur is a well-known cereal food in many Mediterranean and middle east countries. Bulgur goes by the name of Dalia in India. Bulgur s highly rich […]

Chicken Bibimbap Pallete

Having a very dear Korean friend who brought me closer to Korean cuisine too. Bibimbap is a very famous recipe in Korea and generally is used with vegetables, rice and meat or chicken. Here you can find the version with chicken. This recipe is rich and fully loaded […]

Cheesy Shakshuka

Shakshuka is dish with poached eggs as main ingredient cooked in tomato sauce with vegetables & is very widely used in Middle East & whole Mediterranean region, normally cooked in an iron skillet or tagine. It was most likely originated from Tunisia. As its primarily egg based so […]

Peshawari Mutton Keema

Keema or mutton stew is a very old recipe cooked with minced lamb(mutton). It is said to have been  probably found earlier in ancient Greece or Persia and now its prominently used in South Asia. It is also well known as part of Mediterranean cuisine. It can be presented […]

Lazeez Paneer

Mughlai and Paneer dishes are always a hot favorite especially in North India as part of Punjabi cuisine. Paneer is also now well known as part of Indian cuisine worldwide. Paneer or cottage cheese is a rich source of protein & is rich in calcium too. It is […]