Peshawari Mutton Keema

Keema or mutton stew is a very old recipe cooked with minced lamb(mutton). It is said to have been  probably found earlier in ancient Greece or Persia and now its prominently used in South Asia. It is also well known as part of Mediterranean cuisine. It can be presented […]

Lazeez Paneer

Mughlai and Paneer dishes are always a hot favorite especially in North India as part of Punjabi cuisine. Paneer is also now well known as part of Indian cuisine worldwide. Paneer or cottage cheese is a rich source of protein & is rich in calcium too. It is […]

Punjabi Dal Makhni

Any one whether in India or overseas when ever talks about Indian cuisine, for sure one name pops up – Dal Makhni. It is a quintessentially Indian dish originated from state of Punjab. Its delicious, made with black lentils & Red kidney beans, butter & fresh cream. Its […]

Kurkure Aloo

Do you get Chaat cravings some days when you are lazy to go out or just want to some thing delicious and easily done, then this is a damn good option to try at such times. I had stayed away from India in past for a long time and had […]