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About Me – Hey, I am Parul Khanna, founder of Appy Bistro. I am primarily from fashion industry but I always loved to cook and experiment with food, I was always intrigued by different world cuisines and the their ingredients and the chefs who cook good food.

I wanted to share my family-friendly recipes and my interest & passion with other’s too so when I got the chance to start this website & my blog with the support of my family and to enter the culinary area and become part of food industry, I was super excited.

Being passionate about cooking, I deeply and truly respect all chefs & food specialists. I would very much like to introduce as many of them as possible to our viewer’s thru our website, so everyone can learn from them & appreciate their creations & achievements.

I aim to present all commonly used or gourmet recipes from different cuisines across globe easily available to all my readers and to present them in an easy way, for them to follow & enjoy cooking & baking.

I am truly thankful to one and all who visit my website and follows us on Facebook & Twitter & Instagram.

I would now like to introduce the In-house Chefs and also the Guest Chefs who contribute and share their recipes with Appy Bistro.


Sakshi Deswal – Sakshi is from Delhi,India. A management graduate who is loved by her family & friends, our July born resident Chef is young, dynamic, and a passionate, very focused, vivid cook & baker. She always loves to try new recipes. She is self-taught, firm follower of grandma recipes, clearly cooking & baking is in her blood.

She is a picky eater herself so totally understands the need of her kind of picky eaters and plans to create recipes suitable for them too that are delicious, healthy & easy.

She has other skill sets too, that being of photography & review writing. Very truly she is a great food photographer, with her exceptional writing skills, a great review writer & a strong food critic.

Apart from these skill sets, she actively manages the Social media accounts of Appy Bistro. Cheers to her!


Karuna Saraswat – Our resident chef Karuna Saraswat is from Delhi, India & is one of my most favorite people in this world, she is my mom. I have always seen her doing impossible tasks since childhood. One of her hobbies or interest or extreme passion from forever has been cooking.

She would always cook delicious food for us and kept trying new recipes every now & then. She cooks and bakes very well & can turn simple every day recipes so delicious that you would crave for more.

As long as I remember, I have seen her watching mostly cooking shows on TV, trying and creating her recipes and writing them too, creating her own cook book which is coming so much handy to me now. In a way she is my first cooking teacher too. I am very happy that I can publish her recipes thru my website. Cheers to her!


Sheel Khanna – Another of our resident chef Sheel Khanna from Delhi, India is again one of my most favorite people, she is my mom-in-law.

Ever since I got married, I saw her cooking extremely delicious food, truly Punjabi by nature and highly efficient in doing wonders with normal homely food and turning it into something very delicious with typically Punjabi flavors.

She is super famous in our family for her 70mm breakfast paranthas as she makes extremely delicious, crispy, huge size salt & chili paranthas and serves them with a gracious topping of salted butter or malai (fresh cream). I am really happy that I can share and bring her recipies to my readers thru Appy Bistro website. Cheers to her!

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