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Egg Salad Sandwich

Egg salad sandwich is a particularly filling and hearty sandwich which works best as a breakfast recipe or for days when you don’t feel like cooking fancy. You could squish the creamy egg salad between two pieces of toasted bread and enjoy it for a light lunch too! […]

Small French Breads

Nothing beats the aroma & taste of a freshly baked bread, normally its thought that bread making is a very tough task but this recipe will change this feeling for sure. Here another bread recipe by our guest chef Joelle, it is very simple and easily doable bread […]

Tropical Debloating Smoothie

Are you feeling too full & bloated when you wake up? Well then here is a perfect smoothie with 245 calories. This smoothie has papaya whose enzymes helps with digestion & preventing constipation, pineapple which greatly helps in settling belly-bloating which generally happens due to high sodium levels. […]

Herbed Creamy Mashed Potato

Mashed potatoes are very popular in Western countries; they are made with potatoes, cream, butter all mashed together. They are perfect for any meals whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. Can be served along side eggs, veggies, meat or breads or just as is. They are really yummy! Step-by-Step […]

Classic French Omelet

Omelet is one the best egg recipes liked worldwide. They are delicious, fulfilling and serve as a complete meal with breads. I feel that every one makes this omelet but still it comes out different for every one. French omelet is most simple, easy, soft, buttery, custardy & […]