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North Indian Chicken Curry

Indian Chicken Curry is a fragrant and delicious dish which bursts with flavor. It has bite-size chicken pieces and curry made with ground Indian spices, onions and tomatoes, and slow-cooked to intensify the aroma. This earthy curry is best enjoyed with rice, parathas (Indian Flat Bread) or Naan bread! You’ll definitely […]

Cashew Nut Curry

Curries are an integral & very important part of Indian cuisine, in fact in other countries India cuisine is thought to be just curry based. I know all curry dishes normally cooked across India but when I heard of this recipe from Celebrity Chef Hari Ghotra, it surely […]

Lobster Masala

We have another great recipe for seafood lovers. Seafood is majorly popular in the coastal regions or tropical places. This recipe is Lobster masala curry, where the lobster tails are cooked in tomato sauce with aromatic spices. Chef Peter Joseph from the famous Michelin Starred Restaurant, shares this […]

Punjabi Bhein Aloo Curry

Bhein or kamal kakadi is actually Lotus roots; this bhein aloo curry (lotus roots-potato curry) is an authentic Punjabi dish. Bhein can be used in many ways like bhein pakora, bhein curry or sookhi bhein Ki sabzi. Lotus roots are very low in saturated fat & very high in […]

Arbi Curry

I am sure that mostly every one likes dry arbi but a lot of people cook & like the arbi curry too. For me it brings back the memories of my childhood where my mom used to make this dish and I used to love eating it. To […]

Matar-Paneer Nimona

Nimona is a traditional common dish from Uttar Pradesh, where a dal like thick curry is called nimona. Well this classic every day winter dish which is usually best done with fresh peas, it is normally paired with potato or mangodi or soya nuggets etc. but I tried […]