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Classic French Omelet

Omelet is one the best egg recipes liked worldwide. They are delicious, fulfilling and serve as a complete meal with breads. I feel that every one makes this omelet but still it comes out different for every one. French omelet is most simple, easy, soft, buttery, custardy & […]

Eggs in Bell Pepper Rings

Eggs recipes are generally easy to cook and liked by kids and adults all alike, they are a great source of protien and great for breakfast. This recipe is made with eggs cooked in the colorful bell pepper rings, beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. Step-by-Step […]

Turkish Sabzeli Omlet

I am a fan of Turkish cuisine, its extremely delicious and truly satisfying. This is a cuisine, which I feel is in many ways similar to Indian taste. There are many omelet variations but this one gorgeous to look at and delicious for your taste buds too and […]

All-Day English Breakfast

On days when you want a wholesome healthy breakfast then a complete English breakfast is a real treat to have. Sometimes we take part of this recipe in our diet but to take it, as full breakfast is very simple to cook, delicious, extremely healthy and nutritious too. […]