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Punjabi Sarson Ka Saag

Sarson Ka Saag (green mustard leaves tick curry) is one of the hot favorites of all Punjabi people. Very popular during the winter months, they love to eat it with Makki Ki roti. Here this recipe is made with green leafy veggies with a nice tempering and served […]

Matar-Paneer Curry

Paneer (cottage cheese), well mostly every one likes it, especially for vegetarians. This is like a everyday dish in most of the kitchens. Peas (matar) too is a hot favorite so when the combo of paneer & peas is cooked then the result is amazing. In this dish […]

Kerala Moru Curry

Kerala is one of the favorite destinations in India with an equally great cuisine. This is a very simple yet very delicious recipe, which is also usually a part of Onam recipes too. Here the yoghurt is blended well to form buttermilk which is then tempered well with […]

Kerala Vegan Erissary

Kerala is rich in its natural beauty and also has rich cuisine. There are many known dishes; the Erissary is one of them. It is one of the main vegan recipe used for their main festival Onam too. This Erissary dish is basically made with veggies like pumpkin, […]