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Mango Kulfi

Dessert cravings are common with every one, ice creams is one such dessert which is popular in all seasons throughout the year, in every country. There is a variation of this cold dessert which is highly popular in India, Asia & even some places in Middle East. It’s […]

Vegetable Biryani Dum

Biryani is one of the most favourite food all over India and some countries as well. Mostly biryani’s are known more for non-veg food but veg biryani’s are now equally favoured. Its rich in taste and a complete meal in itself. Today we have a great veg biryani […]

Tamarind Salad

Salads are every ones favourite, especially while dieting or even in summer season, when everyone is low on appetite. If the salad includes farm fresh greens & fresh fruits, then definitely the charm of having this dessert becomes much more. If you are having salad urges, then here […]

Lobster Masala

We have another great recipe for seafood lovers. Seafood is majorly popular in the coastal regions or tropical places. This recipe is Lobster masala curry, where the lobster tails are cooked in tomato sauce with aromatic spices. Chef Peter Joseph from the famous Michelin Starred Restaurant, shares this […]

Date & Walnut Fudge/Halwa

Most of the people cannot say no to desserts even if they feel its too rich in calories, just imagine a dessert which satisfies your sweet cravings and in turn comes out healthy too, then it’s a perfect combination. Michelin star restaurant Chef Peter Joseph shares a great […]

Tandoori Khumb

Mushrooms are most of the vegetarian’s best friends, normally known to be a part of vegetarian fine dine recipes. Mushrooms are low-calorie, low fat food but high source of Vitamin B and essential minerals, so they are heathy vegetable. This grilled mushroom truly gourmet recipe by Michelin Star […]