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Matar-Paneer Nimona

Nimona is a traditional common dish from Uttar Pradesh, where a dal like thick curry is called nimona. Well this classic every day winter dish which is usually best done with fresh peas, it is normally paired with potato or mangodi or soya nuggets etc. but I tried […]

Matar-Paneer Curry

Paneer (cottage cheese), well mostly every one likes it, especially for vegetarians. This is like a everyday dish in most of the kitchens. Peas (matar) too is a hot favorite so when the combo of paneer & peas is cooked then the result is amazing. In this dish […]

Aloo Matar Curry

Aloo matar curry or Potato peas curry is quite a common dish in an Indian kitchen. It is delicious yet easy and simple to cook. It is a simple yet highly favourable dish. This dish is cooked with boiled potatoes and green peas with a nice & rich […]