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Roasted Pepper Salad

Bell peppers add rich, vibrant flavors and colors to any dish they are added to! I love the medley of red, yellow and green peppers – such a summer color palette! When these colorful gems are roasted, the flavors are taken to another level of luscious smokey-ness! It a […]

Tamarind Salad

Salads are every ones favourite, especially while dieting or even in summer season, when everyone is low on appetite. If the salad includes farm fresh greens & fresh fruits, then definitely the charm of having this dessert becomes much more. If you are having salad urges, then here […]

Caprese Seafood Salad

Caprese salads are one of the famous Italian food. Salads in general are always considered healthy food. Today we are presenting a caprese salad which is slightly different than the regular ones. Chef Antonio Tardi from Shangri La hotel has shared a wonderful recipe, here the caprese salad […]