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At The Sea Side

  Today we present a dish for Salmon & Veggies lovers, a dish which is very delicious, healthy & gorgeous to look at, a dish that can arouse your appetite instantly. Celebrity Chef Anna Chiarini who is a staunch believer & promoter of her brand “I Eat Healthy” […]

Tamarind Salad

Salads are every ones favourite, especially while dieting or even in summer season, when everyone is low on appetite. If the salad includes farm fresh greens & fresh fruits, then definitely the charm of having this dessert becomes much more. If you are having salad urges, then here […]

Tangy Fried Okra

Okra or Bhindi is a very commonly used vegetable in India. Tangy fried okra or amchoor Bhindi as we call it in India, its quite a popular dish and a recipe. Here Okra or Bhindi is cooked with dry mango powder so gives a nice tangy taste. Chef […]

Asparagus Masala

Asparagus is generally not considered an India vegetable and till some time back a lot of Indians were not using it and it was hard to find here but nowadays the whole scenario is changed. People are using vegetables which were earlier not easily available to them. Asparagus […]