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Spanish Vegan Gazpacho

Gazpacho is a vegetable based soup with its origins in Southern Spain place of Andalusia; it is quite a hot favorite in Spain & Portugal. It is made usually with tomato & veggies and is normally served cold. It is very popular & wonderful summer soup or appetizer […]

German Mitternachtsuppe

Mitternachtsuppe or the “Midnight Soup” is a dish which was in earlier days served to the people during New year parties halfway during the all-night balls to quench their hunger with proteins, carbs & some fat to counter the alcohol they would consume while partying but now days […]

Turkish Lentil Soup

Are you fond of soups? Well here is a very quick, nutritious & easy recipe full of nice flavors, which can be made at home and enjoyed with family any time. Especially a hot bowl of soup in cold weather, it is a real treat. This soup is […]