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Honey Cake – Medovik

Just thinking of a great dessert brings a big smile on our faces, when we taste & eat one, then it brings an ultimate happiness and satisfaction. Some of the best recipes come from the great pastry chefs who are real genius of the baking world. Today we […]

Apricotta Exotique

Everyone loves desserts and gets sweet cravings all the time. We have a wonderfully delicious dessert recipe for all apricot lovers, shared by MasterChef Elena Krasnova, globally well-known for her simple yet incredible desserts. In this dessert recipe Elena has used apricots, passion fruits & mangoes to prepare […]

Coconut Laddoo

Navratri season is here so few dishes comes to our mind immediately whether one is fasting or not. Incredible delicious to eat and very easy to make these melting in the mouth ladoos are perfect fasting food. To make these ladoos all you need to do is to […]

Caramel Payasam

Payasam in South India or Sewai in North India are almost similar preparations except that the traditional payasam is done with jaggery & coconut milk & in North it’s done with sugar & milk either using rice or vermicelli. Although presently there are many variations of payasam thru out […]

Austrian Marillenknödel

Marillenknödel is a traditional Austrian pastry. The word “Marillen” means Apricot in Austrian language. This pastry is found mostly in the places where apricot orchards are seen like Wachau & Vinschgau. These are apricot filled small flour dumpling which are boiled and then covered with breadcrumbs and powdered […]

Russian Easy Tea Cakes

Russian teacakes are a kind of pastry, a dessert which is generally served & eaten during the Christmas time. It is similar to “jumble” from England or butterballs or Mexican or Italian wedding cakes or snowballs as they too have powdery white round appearance. Super simple & easy […]

Southern Karjikai

Karjikai or Karanji or Karigadabu or North Indian Gujiya is a sweet dish, which is made during festival times like Diwali and Vinayaka Chaturthi. As the festive season is on so let’s talk about the sweets that go with it. Karjikai has a crisp shell outside with sweet […]