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Road to Sweetness

  When we think of desserts, chocolate is a favourite ingredient.  If chocolate is blended with your choice of fruits and are beautifully plated, then it becomes completely irresistible. Celebrity Chef Anna Chiarini has shared a great recipe with chocolate & fruits. Absolutely stunning dessert recipe, where you dip […]

African Tennis Ball

Would you like to cook something delicious for your family & kids, well here is a great recipe, which they will surely love. They are very easy to cook. You can call it all time kids favorite snack or food. Well our guest chef Joelle Paku has shared […]

Motichoor Laddoo

When we think of festival time and sweets in India, then motichoor laddoos are one of the very first ones to come to mind, as they are auspicious sweets and Ganesha’s favorite. These laddoos are made with water droplets sized balls of gram flour & semolina batter, fried […]

Sweet Steamed Modak

Modak are synonymous with Ganesha Chaturthi as these modaks are Hindu God Ganesha’s favorite so is offered to him while offering prayers and Prasad. . Every year on this festival the sweet shops are selling modaks and are also made in most of the home kitchens. They are […]


Macaron is a French sweet meringue based confectionary. The name is derived from Italian word macarone, the Italian meringue. The macarons are normally filled with ganache or creams or jams and can be made in different colors. The macarons are made with almond powder, egg white, icing sugar […]


What is Buchty? Well it is soft, moist and buttery bread, which is perfect for breakfast. It is German Brioche and it can be one large loaf or small individual ones. I got this recipe from a dear friend who is also a fellow mum at my kids school, […]